Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Camelot Days, Inc.

Camelot Days, Inc. is dedicated to bringing artistic expression, joy, music, education and diversion to people of all races, cultures, ages, genders, religions and preferences in one of the most diverse and culturally rich communities in the world. Each staff member and volunteer is committed to creating and maintaining a festival environment where cultures can be celebrated and all patrons are welcomed with the same invitation to magically experience and learn about a unique and vibrant time in history.

From the cultural representations in the music and performances to the impressive array of diverse cultures (real and fictional!) championed by our patrons to the wide variety of cuisine options from around the world, every element of Camelot Days is viewed through the same diversity, equity, and inclusion lens: How do we welcome more, different people to our giant extended family?

Camelot Days has always been and will always be committed to continuous, ongoing auditing of all live performers for cultural sensitivity, inclusion and concern to any patron or group. This includes having diverse community representatives available to hear any concerns either in-person or through any official communication channel and address all issues seriously.

This is all in keeping with the dedication to being a welcoming, diverse event for all.


Have a question that you don't see answered on the website? Email info@camelotdays.com or call 786-332-0047.