Living Chessgame, Musicians, Belly Dancers, Comedy Acts, Magic, Battling Knights and More!

Here are the entertainers for Camelot Days Medieval Festival 2018.

  • Royalty, nobles, knights, and more!
  • Black Horse Stables – the Joust!
  • The Royal Chessmen (Both Weekends)
    Watch the Royal Chessmen battle it out with swords, staffs, and fists in this extreme game of chess. Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the Sheriff!
  • Magic & Mayhem
    ChaChing the Bunny is back for another round of Magic and Mayhem! See the show that explains why: Fruit flies like a banana, but TIME FLIES LIKE A BUNNY!
  • Celtic Bridge – Traditional Celtic & Folk music
  • High Flying Fools – David Doyle Entertainment
    Pester & Tata may be a couple of idiots but don’t worry they have some help! With their “Circus for Idiots” instruction manual, they are sure to put on the Greatest Aerial Show Ever….We Think.  High atop our aerial rig this hilarious aerial show combines comedy, feats of strength, the grace and beauty of aerial silks & lyra and even some sideshow into one awesome crowd-pleasing performance!
  • Robin Hood & Maid Marian(First Weekend Only)
    Join Robin Hood and Maid Marian as they regale you with tales from Sherwood! Members of the audience will become the stars of their stories and play heroes, villains, and maidens fair while the rest of the audience provides the soundtrack!
  • Faire Wynds
    Ye Olde Magic and Flea Circus! A look at the street magic and ‘vermin shows’ of days gone by! The Professor, Penelope and 4 (yes, I said 4!!!!) HIGHLY TRAINED FLEAS are ready to perform SPECTACULAR FEATS of STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, DANGER and a bit of MAGIC all for YOUR PLEASURE! YOUR AMUSEMENT! YOUR ENTERTAINMENT! and OUR CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS! A family-friendly show with comedy, magic and history all rolled up in one! And remember our motto: FLEAS! They’re not just for carrying plague and disease anymore!
  • Ivanovich the Impossibilist
    You’ll hear the crowd chanting even before you can see what’s happening. When you move through the crowd you see it. But you won’t believe it. Ivanovich the Impossibilist, master of prestidigitation, brings his own flavor of magic, mystery, and illusion to Camelot Days.
  • The Hopeless Romantics Comedy Show
    He is back! Come hear Master Storyteller, Guido Libido, tell the “real” version of your favorite love tragedies like Romeo & Juliet or Adam & Eve in a way you have never heard before…..or will want to hear again. He has been “Making Love Funny” for over 10 years at Festivals across the country. This interactive comedy involves the audience and is never the same twice. New This Year: Story Time with Guido! That’s right Guido will share his personal stories or LOVE! Yeah!…and Tragedy…Awww! Adults only for this one.
  • The Da Vinci Brothers Comedy Opera (2nd Weekend) are hilarious stage presentations, where the audience become the stars.  They become the orchestra, the sound effects and act out the story. Dynamic family fun!
  • Aaron Bonk — Fire Whip Sword Show With stupefying acts of danger and craziness, Aaron Bonk will amuse and amaze in a refreshingly original days-of-yore comedy juggling whip show unlike any that your king, queen or peasants have seen before. Machetes, whips, axes and fire–the hottest show in all the ‘Shire.
  • 3 Pints Gone (Both Weekends)
    3 Pints Gone’s distinctive sound is full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements. They entertain by telling stories through the songs that leave the audience feeling like old friends.
  • Trash or Treasure (Both Weekends)
    Come help Lovable Winston and Mad Maggie use their box of trash to tell your favorite fairy tales that have been treasured children of all ages, even the big ones.
  • Lotus DancersLotus Tribal Arts (Both Weekends)
    Tribal and Belly Dancers
  • The Gwendolyn Show – 2nd Weekend
  • The Charmings – Both Weekends
  • The Musical Madmen – Both Weekends
  • Kangaroo Court Comedy!
    No charge, no matter how preposterous, goes unpunished when the audience becomes the jury in this hilarious mockery of Renaissance Justice – fun for the whole family!
  • Cock & Bull Comedy — The Dirty Show!
    Match wits with the sharp-tongued Lord Laww in this tastefully bawdy, highly interactive, hilarious stand-up comedy show. (adult humour/clean language. PG14)
  • Lady Victoria Hammered Dulcimer
  • Aranmore Irish Dance (1st Weekend)
  • Anger of The Mistress – Trebuchet demonstrations (Both Weekends)
  • Cobblestone CharactersThe Harpies (Both Weekends)
    Beautiful harp music (played throughout the day)
  • Raptors of the Round Table (Both Weekends)
    The Royal Falconers.
  • Revelers Round
    Period dancing performed throughout the faire.
  • Cobblestone Characters – Street Characters
    The Four Seasons
    Where else can you meet all Four Seasons in one place? Come meet the First Ladies of weather. Listen to songs of the season, take the “Keep Earth clean” challenge or take a survey and help decide the weather pattern for next year. Because do we really want to rely on Phil the Groundhog?
    Mother Nature
    Mother nature is taking time out of her busy schedule to stop by the village and see fun-filled sights. She’s looking for a few recruits to help with the “Keep Earth clean” challenge. Do you have what it takes to make Mother Nature happy? Join her for some fun and surprises.
  • Crew of the Holland Days – Encampment
  • Camelot Days Fairies
  • Realms of History – Encampment
  • Paladin Society – Encampment
  • Swordmasters – combat games
  • History of Chivalry – Encampment and live combat
  • SCA – Sangre Del Sol – Encampment and live combat
  • The Knotty Peg Leg – Encampment

(Entertainers are subject to change without notice)

If you are an entertainer who wishes to perform at Camelot Days, please email us at [email protected]

Camelot Days 2019

November 2-3, 9-10, 16-17

Adults One Day: $15
Kids (6-12 yrs): $4
Under 6 Free


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