Instagram Scavenger Hunt

Win Tickets to Camelot Days!

Instagram Scavenger Hunt!

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  • Grand Prize is 2 Season Passes for Camelot Days 2020.
  • 2 Tickets for Camelot Days 2020 awarded every weekend.

(Winners are chosen by a random draw of complete entries)


  • Tag all photos @Camelot_Days and #CamelotDays2019
  • No repeated pictures.
  • All posts must go live over the course of one weekend.
  • Contest ends November 17, 2019.

Required Posts (Every 5 is an Entry)

  1. Selfie at the Entrance
  2. Selfie with a Pirate
  3. Photo of royalty (King, Queen, Princess, Prince)
  4. A turkey leg!!!
  5. Favorite performance (tag if you can!)
  6. Favorite shop/purchase (tag if you can!)
  7. Photo/video of Pub Sing (5 pm at Pub Stage)
  8. Costume Contest pic (2 pm at Chessboard)
  9. Photo of the Joust! (1 & 4 pm)
  10. Pic/Video of a trebuchet fling (11:30, 2, 4:45)
  11. Photo of an encampment or the parade
  12. A pic/video of completing a task from the Quest
  13. Something I learned today was… (a pic showing what was learned)
  14. Selfie with fairies
  15. Wildcard: The best part of Camelot Days was…

Camelot Days

Thanks for a great 2019!
See you in 2021.


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